Deborah J. Milanowski Nursing Endowed Scholarship

The Deborah J. Milanowski Nursing Scholarship was established by David and Nina Milanowski in 1997, in memory of their daughter Deborah J. Milanowski. Applicants must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are pursuing a degree in nursing with a GPA of “B” or higher within the College of Public Health. Preference will be given to students diagnosed with chronic medical conditions or physical disabilities, especially cystic fibrosis. A physician’s statement will be required as documentation of the student’s diagnosis. Students meeting the above criteria will be considered eligible, regardless of financial need. If no student meets the above criteria, the scholarship may be awarded to nursing students with demonstrated financial need and an “A” average GPA. In the event that more than one student with a documented medical condition is eligible, the award will be divided equally between each student.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please write an essay describing your level of commitment to the nursing profession and how you plan to use your nursing education to benefit others. If applicable, include description of how your academic life has been affected by a chronic medical condition or disability.
  2. Please select your current or intended degree program in the School of Nursing.