CHSS Dean’s Challenge Scholarship Undergraduate

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences seeks nominations for the Dean’s Challenge Scholarships for 2023. The Dean’s Challenge Scholarship is awarded to recognize consistently superior achievement and to encourage the continued pursuit of excellence. Undergraduate nominees must have demonstrated academic excellence while making challenging academic choices at Mason.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide a written statement (one paragraph for each section outlined below) addressing how you feel you have excelled in the following areas. The questions are given to only suggest the kinds of evidence the selection committee will be looking for and help you structure your answer.
    • 1. In what ways have you challenged yourself through the coursework you have chosen?
    • 2. How have you pursued academic challenges beyond the required curriculum?
    • 3. How have you contributed to the intellectual community at George Mason?
    • 4. How have the academic challenges you have changed you as a person or prepared you for your future?
    • 5. In what ways have you enriched Mason and/or the surrounding community?
    • 6. How have you served as an ambassador for the university to local, national, or international constituents?
    • 7. In what ways have you been identified as a future leader or scholar in your academic field or community?
  2. Please upload the most recent copy of your resume; work experience is not required, but please include any employment history, activities/organizations, awards/honors, etc. that may be relevant to your application.