School of Integrative Studies First Generation Quasi-Endowed Scholarship

The School of Integrative Studies First Generation Student Scholarship is open to George Mason University students enrolled in Integrative Studies, Bachelors of Individualized Studies, or Environmental Sustainability Studies degrees, who are the first in their immediate family to pursue an undergraduate education (e.g. neither parent/guardian have completed a four-year degree in the United States). Awards are given in consideration of financial need.

CHSS_Review Chair
Supplemental Questions
  1. “The School of Integrative Studies is committed to integrating interdisciplinary knowledge with lifelong learning by offering experiential, hands-on learning that connects the classroom to the world. Our community encourages students to engage in active learning, independent inquiry, and research that responds to the needs and opportunities of a diverse society while preparing them for responsible leadership and citizenship."As a first-generation student, how do you best exemplify the values of an SIS education based on the mission statement above. Be sure to share any special circumstances, personal stories, or any other connections that demonstrate why and how you will benefit from this scholarship award.
  2. Please upload the most recent copy of your resume; work experience is not required, but please include any employment history, activities/organizations, awards/honors, etc. that may be relevant to your application.